Insider Insights into Mitchell Weijerman’s Early Retirement Club Financial Independence

Retiring early? -Seems like a dream. But, could it become a reality for ordinary people with a 9 to 5 job? Or, is it just a wealthy people’s thing?

This is what I tried to learn after coming across a post by Mitchell Weijerman, the founder of Early Retirement Club in which he said he retired at the age of 28. I was like: really?!

As a 30-year-old freelance writer who’s had ups and downs and has a long way to retirement, this post made me wonder. So I began exploring early retirement programs.

Early retirement programs are part of the FIRE movement and are increasingly popular, especially nowadays when we’re living in an uncertain economy. They’re becoming more accessible and they don’t necessarily require high investments.

The internet is booming with stories of young people who’ve managed to create enough income to retire early and many of them seem to have one thing in common: they invest.

But, the situation on the field isn’t that straightforward if you start looking for ways to retire early: a lot of these financial freedom programs turn out to be nothing more than a scam!

I was eager to learn if Mitchell Weijerman’s Early Retirement Club program is really what it claims to be: helping people build wealth and income and create financial freedom via proven methods.

Initially, I learned that you need to invest at least €/$100 on a monthly basis and that these will be your investment portfolio funds. When you become part of this program, you’ll be taught effective methods to achieve the end goal: financial liberty.

In theory, it all sounds really great, but does this plan really bring success?
Motivated to discover if this plan works, I researched who Weijerman is and why his program could be the passive income solution we’ve been looking for.

What I learned during my research is purely my discovery and opinions and is in no way associated with Weijerman or the ERC.

Is Mitchell Weijerman the Real Deal? Can We Trust Weijerman to Deliver on His Promises?

To find out if something delivers on its promises, we have to look at the promises given. Let’s check out what the Early Retirement Club program promises to teach you if you take their training.

The following parts are taken from the landing page of the ERC’s official website which you can visit on this link here.

How to Build Up Passive Investment Income in an Uncertain Economy-Exact Strategy to Profit from the Financial Crisis with 60 Minutes of Work Every Month (even if you don’t have much capital right now)

The official website of the program requires you to enter your email address and name if you want to watch the free-of-charge training video that takes 35 minutes.

After watching the video, you can schedule a free consultation with Mitchell and his team. But, one requirement for this consultation is to have watched the whole video because they’re asking questions from it and if you haven’t, they’ll cancel the call.

They will also ask you politely to not make any more bookings.

If you watch the training video, the founder claims you’ll be able to learn the following things:

What’s preventing you from achieving your financial goals

One of the first things this program teaches you is to find out what’s the current problem holding you back from achieving your personal financial goals.
Weijerman explains that a lot of people think you need to become a millionaire to become financially free.

But, his program says that this isn’t accurate. On the contrary, such a mindset is holding you back from realizing that with this program you just need only several thousand on a monthly basis to be really free.
And, sometimes it could be as simple as $100.

The powerful discovery that helped him retire before he turned 30 (you can implement it yourself too!)

Driven by the dissatisfaction with his 9-to-5 Silicon Valley job, Weijerman made a bold move and decided to quit and pursue an entrepreneurial dream.

This period was difficult for the newbie entrepreneur who tried out various ventures like e-commerce, affiliate marketing, trading, etc. but didn’t get any success.

He kept going despite the eight months of struggle. This is when he started focusing on one thing: building an online education company. Massive daily action led to his seven figures. He started speaking publicly and educating others and the awards were lining up.
He used the funds to invest in other projects and businesses. He kept on investing in his knowledge and took valuable courses.

He eventually sold his company and became a full-time investor. But, he lost plenty of money due to inexperience in proper investment and started looking for an effective blueprint.

He hired coaches and mentors and bought access to investing communities and this helped him crack the code, resulting in retirement at the age of 28 as a millionaire. Today, he has several investment funds and also manages other people’s funds.

If you become part of the program, he shares this blueprint with you and teaches you how to become financially independent.

Why only the top 1 percent get richer during a financial crisis and how any individual can copy their tactics

Weirjerman reveals that you can also learn the practices of the top 1 percent of rich people who got richer during the financial crisis which began in 2020.

He says that there are two sides of the same coin, that is, becoming one of the many victims of the crisis or becoming one of the few people who profit from the crisis.

The difference between these two groups is how your game plan, skills, and mindset look. The key is to stop seeing fear and doubt, but rather opportunities. Weijerman claims he will help you widen your perspective and discover new opportunities.

A simple two-step framework to ensure big profits in the following 12 to 24 months, regardless of the budget you have for investment

The program teaches you their two-step investment strategy that is in sync with how the market flows. First is the Capital Accumulation. Through their investment roadmap, you will be taught to increase your capital fast via asymmetrical investments.

Thanks to these investments, they claim you will maximize your returns and minimize your risks.

Cashflow generation, the focus is maximizing your passive income. This is achieve via investments in eight proven asset classes which pay out every day, month or quarter. These proven asset classes are called the 8 Cashflow Kings.

Why investing isn’t a risky business and why most individuals don’t understand this

He notes that people shouldn’t be afraid of investing and to not confuse it with gambling which is throwing your money at something and hoping it will make you rich overnight.
On the other hand, investing has a game plan, research, and indicators. It’s based on data rather than hope and emotions like it’s the case with gambling.

There’s also a disclaimer where Weijerman emphasizes he’s not a financial advisor and that all of the things in the video are based on his research and personal experience.
He also adds that investing comes with calculated risks and that everyone looking to invest should always make their own research and consult a financial advisor.

After discovering what this program offers, it’s only reasonable to check if the important elements of a quality investment program are met.

Financial Expertise

Born in Amsterdam, Weijerman got his honors degree in International Business Administration from VU Amsterdam. Immediately after, he took the course of M. Habib from Harvard University for Emerging Markets in a Global Economy and Cross Border Innovation by I. Berdrow.

He gained a lot of traction there and was ranked the fifth-best student in the class. A year later, he enrolled at UCL and became a Bachelor of Engineering with a stunning average grade of 85 percent.

He excelled at UCL and was awarded for being in the top three best-performing students.

He also mentored students and was chosen as a faculty teaching representative and a student academic representative. The road to launching Early Retirement Club wasn’t easy.

In 2017, he decided to quit his secure Silicon Valley job because he was eager to pursue freedom. Unfortunately, he tried four different ventures, but none of them bore fruit.

A spark of hope was lit in 2018 when he made his first ever seven figures in sales from his fifth company.

Later in 2021, he earned 8 figures in revenues and decided to go for it. He invested but lost $10,000 due to poor investment choices. He flipped the switch and decided to work on himself and focus on his financial education.

He invested $100,000 in his financial education that same year. In 2022, he claims he cracked the code with investing and retired at only 28 as a millionaire. His knowledge of the market and finances is evident.

He has gained it not just through his education, but through his personal rollercoaster journey to early retirement and the multiple training courses he took to find the formula which works.

It’s evident that Weijerman has no intention of misrepresenting himself. He makes a disclaimer on the official website that he’s speaking from personal experience and that he’s not a financial advisor.

He advises those who’re eager to join the club to consult one before making any investment moves.

But, though he claims to have retired at the age of 28 as a millionaire, I couldn’t find any precise data about his current net worth.

He has a proven track record of helping businesses thrive: he co-founded the largest online education platform in the Netherlands, the Unstoppable Lifestyle BV.
This company rose from $0 to more than $10 million in revenue and boasted more than 8,000 happy customers in less than three years.
He’s also the co-founder and managing partner of Epic Mining, a company that is trying to make Bitcoin mining and investing easier, more profitable, and more reliable for everyone globally.

The company earnings are private but their website shows genuine reviews of clients they’ve worked with.

And, he’s the founder of Early Retirement Club, a program assisting people on their road to financial freedom. It’s clear that the club is already gaining traction and building up its reputation in the investment world.

The Early Retirement Club is rated with four stars on Trust Pilot. The reviews are pretty solid and reveal what to expect from this program.

One user described this course for investment as one of the best he has found because it teaches various investment opportunities and how to acquire maximum return with low risk.

Another reviewer found this course one of the best investments lately because it teaches the concept and mindset of investing and the information is detailed.
The success stories of their club students are also impressive. They can be easily viewed on the official website. These look like genuine stories by actual people with names who joined the club and are satisfied with their so-far investment journey.
Despite his experience and expertise in the market, investment, financial planning, and bitcoin mining, not everything on his road to financial liberty has been spotless.
Weijerman is honest about the several risks in investment and business that he took resulting in loss of money. This happened prior to retiring as a millionaire due to insufficient knowledge about the right type of investments.

He has also invested major funds in his personal financial education, one of them being an expensive $30,000 course for a Dan Pena seminar and $36,000 for Sam Ovens’ 1-year mastermind.

This might seem like a lot for the regular person looking to start his/her investment journey, but the millionaire claims that calculated risks, growing your financial knowledge, and a functional blueprint pave the way for early retirement.

Membership benefits

Access to this club is straightforward: you just need to hop on their website and watch the training video.

The website is quite simple, but sometimes, simplicity is better than fluff. Once you watch the video, you can schedule a free consultation by choosing a date that you find suitable.

This is very helpful because there’s no chance of getting lost on the website and struggling with how to reach out to the club. I’m fond of personal success stories, so being able to learn about other people’s experiences with the club directly from them is welcomed.

These people are clearly visible in the videos and their names are shared with you. Getting to know there’s a community means a lot if we take into account that there are a lot of investment scams today.

Their two-step framework is explained in detail and it consists of learning to accumulate capital via asymmetrical asset investments. The second phase is the CashFlow Generation or maximizing your monthly passive income by acquiring eight proven assets or as they call them the 8 Cashflow Kings.

As some aspects are more technical, kudos to the team for using graphics and images to make everything easier to grasp. There are no fancy words and shady sentences and everything is clearly outlined using simple words to bring the program as close as possible to everyone.

Once the team finds you a suitable candidate for the club, you’re provided with educational materials, tailored guidance according to your goals, networking options, and investment methods (when to buy an asset, at which price, and which platform to use).

They create your early retirement plan and all you need to do is to put in 60 minutes for it every month. The program lasts six weeks and during this period, you’re taught their plug-and-play system and you get personalized mentorship to suit your needs and goals.

Unfortunately, you cannot schedule a video call if you haven’t watched their video until the end since they ask questions from it. If you’re not familiar with the content from the video, the team will kindly decline the call and ask you to not book again.
This could seem strange to some, but ultimately, what’s the purpose of scheduling the call if you weren’t able to learn what the program is all about in the first place?

On another note, reschedules aren’t available so any members who’re not there for the call won’t be able to schedule a next one and this part is non-negotiable. So, it’s best to schedule the call when you really have the time.

Another thing I wasn’t able to find on their website is the cost of the program, but I’m guessing this part is disclosed during the call once you put in all the necessary information.

Community & support

Community and continuous support seem to be of utmost importance to this financial independence club. The founder has a big LinkedIn community and whenever he posts about the club and their success stories, he gets a lot of traction and interacts with his community on a regular basis.

The comments and likes come from people working in investment, people who’re part of the club, and even individuals who’re eager to learn about investment.

His Instagram page is also enjoying a big community of like-minded investment enthusiasts. He uses this social platform to spread his knowledge and provide support for the community.

What’s more, the training video notes that if you become a member, you’ll be surrounded by a community of winners. These people are like-minded individuals who’re there to share their stories and offer advice.

So, whenever a question or an obstacle pops up, you know that there’ll be someone to provide support. These people will help you stay accountable which can be of utmost importance when embarking on a new journey.

What’s more, Trust Pilot reviewers also praise the community in this club. One user liked the efforts of the team to make the course the best in investment and said that the community is amazing.

For another reviewer, the bi-weekly meetings are really helpful because you discuss investment strategies with like-minded people. Also, they noted that every quarter, the team shares an in-depth analysis with the community.

The Motivation & Decision to Discover & Join ERC: Yes or No?

After watching the success stories of the ERC members, I learned that they all had one thing in common when discovering the ERC: they wanted to become smart investors and were aware that there’s no quick fix to early retirement.

Some of the members came with previous investment experience while others were total newbies.

Jean Francois Blanchette, a car repair shop owner from Quebec, Canada says that this club helped him create an investment plan to finally start living better without having to work additionally.

Derek, another member of the club, was motivated to join because of the program’s detailed explanations for smart investment in crypto, real estate, and stocks, as well as professional tips about reducing tax payments.

Leroy from the Netherlands discovered this program while researching early retirement and joined because he was launching his own company and wanted to build his pension. His experience is positive and he appreciates the thorough explanations and insights.

What I liked about these personal experience stories is that they spoke honestly about what they went through in their investment journey and how this program helped them.

Many of them are experienced investors, but some knew nothing about investment before joining.

With this in mind, the inclusivity of the program, the detailed learning methods, the personalized method, and the success stories are only some of the reasons that make this program worth considering.

On the other hand, if you’re not serious about early retirement and changing your mindset, or if you’re looking to retire fast and lack consistency, this financial freedom model may not be the most suitable choice for you!

Still interested to shift your perspective on financial freedom? -Visit the club’s official website and schedule your consultation to learn more!